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Welcome to NCD! Introduction to the forum, and guidelines.

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Welcome to NCD! Introduction to the forum, and guidelines. Empty Welcome to NCD! Introduction to the forum, and guidelines.

Post by Lucky. Mon Nov 16, 2015 10:21 pm

Hello, and welcome to the revival of the Norcaldrift forums! was one of the original forums for the Northern California people of jerifts to gather and post about pretty much anything, although mostly drift-related bullshit. In these days of bland Facebook groups full of nothing but for sale ads, a couple of us have come together as a collaborative to bring back one of the most important aspects of what brought most of us into this hobby; the community. While people brag about how many followers they have on Instagram, or how a picture of their car was reblogged a 1000 times on Tumblr (I fucking hate you guys), the car community seems to have become nothing more than a double-tap-to-like and leave-a-short-comment culture.

This forum is an attempt to offer a different aspect, or rather, bring back what used to be. Long gone are the days of constantly checking through forums to see if you've missed anything new, reading through detailed car builds, and the praise and (more importantly) shit-talking that we all loved to see. We're aiming to offer a home for the community to belong to.

With that being said, here are a couple of basic guidelines:

  • NO NSFW (not safe for work) CONTENT! A lot of us have grown up and have jobs, so that means we are most likely being monitored. We should eventually have a special section for that.
  • Keep pictures and videos to a decent size. No one cares to see a 5000x5000 picture of your car, and you're fucking up the forum.
  • Posts should be in their appropriate categories and forums. If you post a FS ad in the Off-Topic chat, you're a piece of shit.
  • When mentioning street spots, DO NOT list any street names. EVER. I'm sure we know most of the spots being posted up anyway.
  • Shit-talking will be tolerated to a point, which will be up to the discretion of the admins and mods. Don't let it get out of hand. And no killing people, please.
  • When replying, avoid reposting every single picture/paragraph if it's a long post. Don't clutter the forums!
  • Keep one-on-one conversations to a minimum, and move them to PMs. No one wants to read your personal dickriding.
  • No racist bullshit. Like excessively racist bullshit.
  • If you'd like a post to be deleted, feel free to message an admin or mod. We probably won't delete it, though.
  • No shitty grammar. It's 2015, there are red squiggly lines under shit that's spelled wrong. COME ON.
  • Don't post just to get your post count up. No one cares. If you do this I'll just reset your post count to 0 indefinitely, you fuck.
  • If you ask to be a mod. You will never be. Ever.

Other than that, welcome to Norcaldrift! Tell your momma, tell your friends! But in all seriousness, we hope you have a great time here.

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