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mikeyee corolla build

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mikeyee corolla build Empty mikeyee corolla build

Post by Mikeyee Tue Nov 17, 2015 12:17 am

Copypasta from my last build thread attempt over at the ae86 fightclub forum from jan 2014...

Hi guys.  This is lola.  there are quite a few other lolas, but this one is mine.

mikeyee corolla build 7uXXr5cl

She's been through quite a few stages in her life.  She started out as an econobox for some dude in Oakland in August 1984, then to her second owner who might've smashed her rear quarter panel into a wall or something, then on to me at the mercy of a 15y/o corolla newb, to more of a mountain junkie, then in limbo of being broken or fixed or somewhere in between, and as of late for the past almost 2 years; a driveway ornament.

You can see my early progress log on her here: forums.club4ag dot com/zerothread?id=57555

TLDR?  here some pics:

Here she is red, and still pretty virgin.  2007, only a few months after owning her.
mikeyee corolla build QYYvv7il

This was my first "big job" getting dirty, water pump replacement.  No one in my family was mechanically inclined.  So this was a pretty big deal for me from just doing it step by step through help with a Haynes manual.  I was about 15 in this picture.
mikeyee corolla build Tt7m4yel

Experimented with different lips from the junkyard.  Lip is from some 90's Camry, probably my favorite on the USDM GTS bumper.
mikeyee corolla build 3y9EMFol
This was at my high school's auto shop class.

Tried some "homebrew" mods:
mikeyee corolla build OmDIkURl
mikeyee corolla build CUp5a5el

Got some "decent" wheels.  Garden Lip.  Lowering springs.  
mikeyee corolla build IbK3l3Rl

Guess it doesn't help that I kept driving her to shit.
mikeyee corolla build ZROOESOl

After about a year? or so of driving her through mountains, school/work, and parking lots; her original 4age started to give out.  First it was her headgasket (which I had to do over 3 different times in span of month), then her bottom end within that year.  

mikeyee corolla build V1bRnTXl
Here I am installing her 2nd motor that I got from Ironlung Derryl.

Which worked out pretty good until it had some piston failure.  It went out a year or so later and replaced the short block with another 7rib with highcomp internals.  

Got a skidpad day in at Thunderhill:
mikeyee corolla build GSruY7Cl

Bob's Donuts grip/drift event at Buttonwillow:
mikeyee corolla build Wr0LSkVl

Lowered her for cool points.  Also found some cheap slotmags off a mustang locally.
mikeyee corolla build GdBJnYnl

Ride height was not all that ideal for spirited mountain runnings.  Which was fine at time, I was more focused on drifting.  Cool points > functionality right?
mikeyee corolla build GfVi3gEl
So I kept busting up downpipes.  
mikeyee corolla build O6Cppa1l

Some mountain fun with friends:
mikeyee corolla build SeRPSWLl

Breaking down on me:
mikeyee corolla build HCGmtl

Always tried to keep the engine bay as clean as possible:
mikeyee corolla build GLSitMxl

Eventually painted her white because I was tired of seeing multiple colors on her besides the red.  (one side had black spray paint splatter from some kid at school that left a can in the shop x_o, then another side had double yellow line paint when i ran over some fresh paint on accident x_x.)
mikeyee corolla build G6vPPMRl

Also picked up cool front bumper from Wes ongchampOng
mikeyee corolla build BpDOOctl

Picked up a cool tin wing from Gregorious.
mikeyee corolla build NPsqMl

Made some LED taillights:
mikeyee corolla build G5bzZ9el

Found some BMW engine cover and fit perfectly underneath the strut bar Very Happy
mikeyee corolla build 8pIRXl

I was probably happiest with her at this time:
mikeyee corolla build Jjrukl

mikeyee corolla build 0DMIfl

Cool shot from local corolla meet:
mikeyee corolla build XziPWdUl

During this time I swapped between my usdm front bumper and the goodline knock:
mikeyee corolla build RQ2VzoSl

Life blindsided me a bit and put her down in early 2012.  Sold the suspension and pulled the motor  (#3)to get an idea of what was going on with it (blowing some oil, losing compression here/there).  
mikeyee corolla build FzZvni3l

Motor #3 coming out:
mikeyee corolla build Kcf5kwRl

She was blowing a lot of oil.  And was hoping it was only a HG...  
mikeyee corolla build SWzQ5Zcl

Turns out the piston ring landings were shot in this motor too.  This was 3 motors blown within 4 years of ownership.  ._________.
mikeyee corolla build CtDTMpLl
Which set me back pretty hard.

So she sat.  
mikeyee corolla build LnY7bBYl
mikeyee corolla build Wjfl5bOl

I was pretty bummed out at this point.  So I just had her sit while I slowly got myself together be in a better place financially and mentally to get her back up and running proper.  Since I knew I would never get rid of her, and my parents were OK with having her as a driveway ornament, she just waited.  
mikeyee corolla build RFkYGQOl

In the mean time I started up my own light business and helped out on my friends' cars.
mikeyee corolla build YIPRoyJl
mikeyee corolla build JlECqIJl
mikeyee corolla build 20bzKpRl

Jon's old GZE hatch:
mikeyee corolla build Qsn9WQ0l

Cousin picked up a GTS of his own:
mikeyee corolla build C3v013Al

Another close friend, Wilson picked up a GTS hatch too!:
mikeyee corolla build 6JBvuddl

In the meantime I picked up a daily.  1993 Corolla A/T 7AFE.  
mikeyee corolla build CnlYVX7l
Somewhat surprisingly, I'm faster in this thing than I am in lola through my local mountain road.  Probably because I have actual working suspension in this car Razz.

My buddy was having some engine issues in his corolla.  So he had another engine built up to replace his bad one.  I did the swap for him and in return he let me have his old engine.
mikeyee corolla build C92Seypl

7AGE.  7AFE bottom end with 4age high comp pistons.  small port head with t-vis (deleted) intake and bluetop electronics.  High comp infectors.  It was a bit weird.  Before pulling the motor I did a couple of test drives and it drove fine.  Pulled from idle to 6ishK with ease.  Wayyy faster than any of my old 4ages.  But had a really loud knock after 3K.  While we were pulling the 7age, we found some loose hardware.  So I'm hoping it was only that that was knocking.

Old motor out, new one going in:
mikeyee corolla build M3JrynZl

mikeyee corolla build R0ZuuN2l

mikeyee corolla build L0uo4aOl

mikeyee corolla build 9uby8cdl

Then the 7AGE sitting in lola:
mikeyee corolla build HkNSUpIl

Picked up some stickers for the racecar seat:
mikeyee corolla build EcK2dOjl
mikeyee corolla build Z9C1eB7l

Racecar seat in action:
mikeyee corolla build JQzOy51l

Got tired of the white so I spray canned her black.
mikeyee corolla build QRjkGH1l
Also picked up her old coilovers too!  Budounoki and HTS all around once again!

Motor is mostly complete now.  Just need a few things now:
mikeyee corolla build BObxyN7l

And how she sits now while I wait for the last bits and figure something out for smog:
mikeyee corolla build BDNnB5jl

Final "mod" list:
16v 7age (bottom end is 7afe with ae92 highcomp pistons, small port 4age head with bluetop USDM electronics and accessories (emissions equipment too). Fidanza camshaft pulleys. 944 Porsce timing belt. Pacesetter headers. DIY cold air intake. Mishimoto aluminum 2-row radiator. Civic electric fan. Power steering, A/C and oem clutch fan removed. a little bit of black magic. somewhat visually california smog compliant (just need a proper heatshield for the headers).
Magnaflow exhaust
Budounoki (japan) coilover struts
Tokico HTS ae92 shocks
no-name 8kg front springs, TRD 6k rear springs
Tein camber plates front
Techno Toy Tuning panhard bar
welded differential (also have a spare OEM 2-way LSD)
knock-off bride seat
Junis two-spoke steering wheel
Mostly complete maroon interior. rear sound deadening has been removed.
Early model (zenki) JDM front and rear OEM bumpers and lip
"Slot mags" 14" x 6.5" 4x114.3mm/4x1/2" rims from some 70's mustang
DIY LED taillights
HID headlights
DIY tin metal roof wing
J-blood knockoff side skirts (i think)

Sorry, that was a lot of pics.  Thanks for looking!


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mikeyee corolla build Empty Re: mikeyee corolla build

Post by Mikeyee Tue Nov 17, 2015 12:40 am

So what's changed since that update from 2014?  

Well that 7age turned out to be junk.  I picked the motor up from my bud with suspect rod knock.  I figured it was probably something else (hint: i shouldn't have even touched this motor).  He had ran this motor for about a year straight knocking hella loud, dailying it, drifting it at some parking lot events, etc.  I thought it couldn't have been rod knock.  So he handed me the motor in exchange for swapping in his new motor, and as I was pulling his motor and tranny, lo and behold, loose starter with one bolt that's hand loose.  So I figured that was probably it!  So then I threw that in (without cracking open the bellhousing to inspect the clutch) hoping it'd work.  After about a year of sitting trying to get it to work for some other bullshit (and my half assed-ness), it turned over, and knocked some more...  Then I picked up another spare 4age to swap in to replace the 7age.  As I was tearing the 7age apart, I noticed that throwout bearing was missing the guide thing that bolts ot the tranny that it slides back and forth on!  and the pilot bearing was thrashed to hell.  So I figured, "hmph, that could be my knocking noise!".  And I decided to throw it all back in...  And this passed 8-6 day, I got it running day of the meet, drove it around the block, and she decided to knock some more...  So now the 7AGE is out (for now).  And that spare 4age i had picked up is back in.  and Im crossing my fingers this shit won't blow on me *knocks on wood*.

Im getting really sick of swapping out motors.  

mikeyee corolla build 7F6rkQ0l

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mikeyee corolla build Empty Re: mikeyee corolla build

Post by wavyzenki Tue Nov 17, 2015 11:48 am

hi mike. always loved your 86. i cant wait to get rad with you like the old days. make me some tail lights Smile

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mikeyee corolla build Empty Re: mikeyee corolla build

Post by travisroush Tue Nov 17, 2015 12:08 pm

you've been having bad luck with motors for too long now!

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mikeyee corolla build Empty Re: mikeyee corolla build

Post by deolio Tue Nov 17, 2015 12:09 pm

that's a lot of motor swaps.

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mikeyee corolla build Empty Re: mikeyee corolla build

Post by Mikeyee Tue Nov 17, 2015 1:09 pm

deolio wrote:that's a lot of motor swaps.

I've gotten pretty good at them. I'll probably light the car on fire if this one doesn't work out.


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mikeyee corolla build Empty Re: mikeyee corolla build

Post by VYKTR Tue Mar 15, 2016 11:46 pm

Best of luck with this motor swap.

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mikeyee corolla build Empty Re: mikeyee corolla build

Post by Mikeyee Wed Mar 16, 2016 5:25 pm

Thanks VYKTR

Since last update, I ran into a few snags.  But got it all worked out and she's been running since january/feburary-ish.

Paid off the +$500 reg bullshit (thanks obama).  Got me some fancy pants AAA insurace.  And working out some smaller things here and there (e-fan, interior, brake lines, fixed the TPS from wanting to pop off randomly here and there, etc etc).

All that's left is "smog" and getting funds together to get this cage I picked up from toddbbot welded in.  oh and shim this LSD and get that installed.  welded diffs are not the business in corollas.

mikeyee corolla build 6ERW1i5l

Bonus photo album:


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mikeyee corolla build Empty Re: mikeyee corolla build

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